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sábado, 27 de junho de 2015

Plane Kit

There are the pretty things, and there are the useful things.
Today, I'm going to talk about something which is not pretty, but is extremely useful.
I'm very sensitive to the air conditioning, it dries up my throat, my lips, my eyes, my nose...
On my first long plane trip, in 2008, I suffered as never before on those 22 hours of air travel to my destination. To every hour I suffered I thought: - Why haven't I brought some eye-drops? or - Why did I check my cocoa butter in?!

On the very first trip after that, I created the Plane Kit, which remains almost unaltered since 2009.
On my most recent trip, I added an item I have only heard about recently, thermal water.
So now I think my kit is good enough to be shared with you all.

So here is the list:

1. Inflatable travel pillow - I prefer the inflatable type of travel pillow simply for size purposes. This type, when deflated, takes up much less room in your carry-on if compared to the "fluffy" types;

2. Moisturizing cream - It will be useful for your hands and your nose;

3. Thermal water - I have just recently become familiar with thermal water and its refreshing, moisturizing, and even healing properties. On my most recent trip, I used it not only as a moisturizer but also to "wake up" before breakfast;

4. Moisturizing nasal spray - If you have a sensitive nose, the kind that bleeds in dry places, you'll need one of these;

5. Eye-drops - Essential for people with sensitive eyes which easily dry up;

6. Cocoa butter - Let's be honest, who can do without such heavenly gift from the cocoa fruit?;

7. Plastic zipper bag - Anyone who has ever flown knows it: to carry liquids with less than 100ml in your carry-on bag they need to be properly packed in a transparent bag with a zipper. You'll need one to carry all the items from this list. Mine was a gift from TAM airlines;

8. Foam ear plugs - Essential for a good nap on the plane, they block not only noise from the turbine, but also from other passengers;

9. Fluffy socks - Some airlines offer these socks so the passengers can take their shoes off in long trips. It's good to have some at hand in case the plane you're in do not have them;

10. Eye mask - If your eyes are sensitive to light, or if  you can't sleep with the lights on, this item belongs to your basic needs list;

11. Refreshing towels: Some air companies remember to hand these in before every meal, but as some don't, I always carry some extra ones with me. The ones from the picture were gifts from TAP.

This Plane Kit makes my travels less uncomfortable. I hope it works for you as well.


For the Portuguese version, please go to Diario Lirico de Viagem

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